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Patel Towel Industries, is a leading towel manufacturer and supplier. We have been germinating and ascending in the last ten years with a current capacity of 4000 tons per annum due for augmentation in 2019. The machines are ensconced in three separate factories centrally located in two of Karachi’s largest industrial areas, Karimabad, S.I.T.E and Highway. The production unit covers more than 16 acres of land with a built up area of 400,000 square feet environing all the latest machinery from across the world. Patel Towel Industries is a completely integrated unit with a state of the art composite plant one-roof operation, including weaving, dyeing, Pruning, embroidery, grading and packing and we can transform cotton yarn into astonishing towels for our discriminating customers. The span of towels circumscribes all possible permutations and combinations succored the latest designs developed by our design team plus product transformation by our production team. Patel Towel Industries is strikingly vainglorious to be the largest manufacturer of towels from Pakistan with an enormous weaving capacity servicing and go over customers from both seasonal markets and below the equator

Leading Towel Manufacturer and Supplier

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Patel Towel Industries is now a leading towel manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of textile products.  We serve almost all industries with towels requirements; Hospitality, Home and kitchen, Auto Detailing, Paint textiles, and more. Here at Patel, we strive to provide you with the best quality, for extremely competitive prices. We have over 3 decades of experience representing large and small businesses national and international. With a plenty shorter lead time and higher efficiency, Patel Towel Industry will fulfill consumers’ requirements. The quality and timely delivery has always been our first and top-tier priority. 

In addition to, An absolutely Equipped Lab is usually making sure every day Quality Standards, along with this the business enterprise is additionally certified with ISO Quality Certification Systems and Sedex. Towel is to be examined at every stage of Production, i.e. Weaving, Processing consisting of dyeing, and stitching. Before shipping, all finished products are thoroughly checked for consistency. Calibrated preliminary test for new inspector. Throughout final inspection, the organization has a ZERO tolerance strategy. The completed products are processed in the final goods warehouse with a size of about a hundreds of square feet following activation and packing. The enterprise establishes daily touch with each Pakistan and the U.S. shipping and distribution sectors to make sure prompt transportation and supply of products to its clients.

Patel Towel Industry a leading towel manufacturer and supplier in pakistan has well-educated employees, well-trained and experienced merchants and peddlers who are acquainted with the domestic and worldwide markets. Our managers and executives are always scouring the world to find new innovations in our industry.

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Quality Guarantee

For over 3 Decades of excellence and attainment, Patel Towel Industries have try one's hand at in quality innovations and modernization

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Sustainably Produced

As a family-run business, it is significant that our towels and robes are useful for the planet and bravo. That is the reason we also offer all of our items in OEKO-TEX® and are liberated from any unsafe synthetic compounds and morally made

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We have faith in moderate ordinary extravagance. By avoiding conventional channels, planning our towels in-house, and drawing in with clients straightforwardly, we're ready to give more excellent towels without the mediator markup and cost to stores.

Production Phases. 
Patel Towel Industry is a truly vertiginous Integrated Industrial Unit. It has in-house weaving, Raw towel Inspection, Dyeing & bleaching, Stitching, inspection, finishing packing and shipping facilities. The Company has 8 SBU’s and profoundly qualified experienced mills manager heads each unit. All Textile mills Managers successively report back to the general Manager. The target to work during this manner is there’s a circumstantial masterminding and link between all the phases. Each unit steers within the best manner in-order to realize competitive costs, timely delivery and quality product.
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To provide top level Operations management.

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To peruse technological modernization

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To partner with operators for their maximum productivity

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To provide virtuous to our customers, employees, communities, and the enviroment


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